Management Skills


At Lighthouse Leadership, we provide a range of management training courses to suit everyone from new appointments to senior managers.

We cover essential management skills such as line management (including people management skills), performance management, project management and change management.

Many managers are promoted to the management role because they’re good at their existing job. They’re often expected to step up with little or no management training and many do so with amazing competence. We know that most managers welcome help in the form of new knowledge, insight, tools, tips and techniques and, in particular, performance management training.

Our management training courses are particularly suitable for people looking to gain a range of new skills in management and for those hoping to explore and understand different management styles.

They are  designed to give supervisors and managers key learning and new skills, which will enable them to improve and continue to drive performance through people with the overall aim of helping them to engage more effectively with their teams and colleagues. Also to enhance managers & supervisors people skills and performance management capabilities.

Management Skills Training – Overall Outcomes

  1. To raise levels of employee Motivation
  2. To increase readiness of employees to accept change
  3. To improve the quality of all managerial decisions
  4. T o develop team-work and morale
  5. To further development of employees

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