Leadership Skills


Whether you believe that leaders are born or made, we can make help to bring out the leader within.

At Lighthouse Leadership we provide training courses that develop leadership skills in people who are in, or stepping up to, a leadership role in their organisation. Whether you believe that leaders are born or made, we can make help to bring out the leader within.

Leadership is a difficult quality to define but one that is essential to the success of any team or organisation.

We believe leadership requires a vision for the future, an ability to see what’s going on right now and personal qualities that bring others to follow you. Everyone is different and leads in a different way; so our leadership development training courses have at their core an exploration of each person’s authentic and individual leadership style.

Leadership is different to management – so all our leadership skills training courses highlight the fundamental differences.

Developing a leadership mindset.

The modern leadership movement is based upon the principle that leaders aren’t born, they’re made. The arts of leadership and management, like all arts and skills, are learned and honed by practice over time.

To evolve as leaders, managers have to internalize the idea that leadership is fundamentally different from managing tasks. Being a great leader means both managing tasks and functions well, but also understanding how to behave and “show up” as a leader. It can be hard to grasp for some, but it can be learned.

Five key tips for leaders today:

  1. Anticipate change and be ready yourself, and empower leaders at all levels to drive transformation and be change agents. This will require you to delegate.
  2. Managing your talent well trumps everything else. Your excellence in your functional area (such as finance) is less critical than your ability to attract, inspire and keep great people on your team.
  3. A global mindset means being open to diversity in all its forms, which is much more complex than knowing the right way to present your business card at a meeting with someone from another culture. Be open, be humble and guard against faulty assumptions.
  4. Encourage learning across your organization, and make it part of your culture. Organizations that continuously learn and innovate will be able to maintain their competitive advantage.
  5. Build and nurture your network. Leaders need to get things done through influence more than authority. Therefore, relationships and trust with a network of key individuals across regions and functions will be critical to moving thing ahead quickly and effectively.

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